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In a country with 10.607.051 population and 86.081 yearly births, 46% of the births were on the capital (Athens) and 54% in the rest of the country.
In Greece there are 113 maternity hospitals; 53% of births are in private hospitals and 47% in public hospitals.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The country has 34.173.498 people and 511.363 yearly births, 21% of which are in Riyadh and 79% in the rest of the country.
In KSA there are 181 maternity hospitals and 43% of mothers give birth in private clinics. The rest 57%  give birth in public hospitals.



Having population of 21.302.893 people and 179.888 yearly births, 20% of the births are In Bucharest and 80% in the rest of the country.
15% of births are in private maternity clinics while 85% of mothers give birth in public hospitals. in total, there are 185 maternity hospitals in the country.


In a country with 6.966.899 people and 57.066 yearly births, 28% of the births are in Sofia and 72% in the rest of the country.
In Bulgaria there are 104 maternity hospitals and most mothers prefer public ones to give birth 70% vs. 30% of private clinics).



Cyprus has population of 875.900 citizens and 11.292 yearly births. 44% of the births are on the region of Nicosia (capital city) and 56% in the rest of the island. There are 26 maternity clinics, most of them private. 70% of births happen in private clinics and 30% in public hospitals.

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