About Us

MumsVoice is the ultimate site for surveys related to baby products.
MumsVoice is supported by Care Direct, a marketing agency with more than 25 years of experience!

How to navigate to our website

You can easily navigate to our site, firstly by selecting the country you are interested in, then choosing the category of the baby product and the time period you want and finally you can purchase the desired survey.

A little bit more about us



MumsVoice is collecting its data from Care Direct’s database. Care Direct has an updated database of more than 1.000.000 mothers and telephonic surveys are conducted every year.


The industry we are mainly focusing our surveys are baby products. Especially products new mothers are using for their babies and their needs. Telephonic surveys are conducted to new mommies and they are asked specific questions about their products of preference.



In our surveys different product categories are analyzed and brands find their position in the market. We focus on products that new mothers are using for the daily care of their babies. From baby wipes, diapers, nappy creams to baby shampoos, milk and many other products.


Extended telephonic research is being made to all new mothers with baby up to one year old about the products they are using. In every country, our experienced agents contact to all new mothers, so as to have the most updated results.


Data Analysis

Thorough analysis in being made, in each country, for accumulating the most accurate results. Our people are analyzing the data using the latest methods providing the answers about mothers’ products of preference, reasons of choice and preferable places of shopping.


The benefits of these surveys are of great value since they recognize the potential buying trends of new mothers. The results focus on mothers’ profile (region they live, hospital they gave birth, first time mother or not, etc.) and facilitate the companies to target and optimize their position in the market.

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